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"The aesthetics of emptiness."Tremila Battute

"Portishead on 4AD?"Rumore

"Very classy".Il Manifesto

"Fifteen minutes of pure sound ecstasy. An Italian artist to be proud of."Mescalina Magazine

"The charm is simply guaranteed".SentireAscoltare

"The story of GOLD MASS is becoming a tiny legend".Rumore

"One of the most beautiful and powerful releases that this year in music has reserved for us."Bibliomusique

"No wonder we'll often hear the name GOLD MASS in the near future."Rock Nation

"A piece of metaphysical art, abstract and conceptual at the same time."Shoegaze Blog

"Deeply intimate and uncompromisingly honest music".Music Crowns

"There Should Be Sky Above You could be a worldwide hit".WIRED

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“There is certainly more infinity in the shadow than in celestial space”   Abdelmajid Benjelloun

Motivation is momentary, inner FLARE is lasting.

GENRE:      Elettronica / New Trip hop / Dance

GOLD MASS is a physicist-turned-independent-electronic artist and producer.
Her work is a sincere research on the profound meaning of human existence, carried out through rarefied sounds and suspended minimal lyrics.
Her work is a journey of sounds and suggestions that aspires to transport the listener elsewhere, an escape beyond real time and space, through an introspective research. Words speak deeper and deeper, touching universal themes common to all souls moved by desire and fear at the same time.
On March 2024, GOLD MASS released the awaited new album FLARE, a powerful record, highly praised by the press. FLARE shows a refined and complex electronic production, accompanied by research into topics of introspective analysis and biting political and social thoughts. In June 2021 GOLD MASS released SAFE, an extraordinary work that combines rarefied and hypnotic atmospheres with powerful and pressing rhythms. A journey both intimately introspective and through the most remote cosmos. In 2019 she released her first album Transitions, produced by Paul Savage (MOGWAI), which aroused strong positive interest, due to the incredible and unexpected maturity of her debut. The artist creates a fascinating world around her figure,  where sound research and visual suggestion grow in a resonant symbiosis, fueling the aura of mystery and charisma of the artist.

GOLD MASS is a fully independent female project.



single 2023


single 2023


single 2023


EP 2021


LP 2019

The lead single Happiness in a way, featured on New Music Friday UK Spotify editorial playlist.

  • Gold Mass @ Su:ggestiva [Biennale MArteLive]

  • Gold Mass @ Su:ggestiva [Biennale MArteLive]

  • Gold Mass @ Su:ggestiva [Biennale MArteLive]

  • Gold Mass @ Su:ggestiva [Biennale MArteLive]

  • Gold Mass @ Su:ggestiva [Biennale MArteLive]

GOLD MASS performed as soloist in Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece and Italy, collecting intense and engaging live performances.
In January 2021, she played live for the showcase festival Eurosonic in the Teatro Rossi Pisa, the video was streamed via the Eurosonic website during covid pandemic lock-down. In 2022 she played a live performance for the showcase festival Future Echoes in Sweden Norrköping and she was selected for South by Southwest festival in Austin Texas by Italia Music Lab and Farnesina.
In August 2021, GOLD MASS was in the line-up of Siren Festival and Ypsigrock Festival (Italy), and ArtWife festival in Slovakia as well as other festival around Italy, sharing the stage with Camilla Sparksss, Ásgeir Dardust, Iosonouncane.
In October 2022, GOLD MASS performed live for Su:ggestiva festival, sharing the stage with Her Skin, Parra for cuva, Mòn. In November 2023, she played in Rome at Angelo Mai sharing the stage with Indian Wells after having performed in Sweden, Greece and Germany along the summer.
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"Fifteen minutes of pure sound ecstasy. An Italian artist to be proud of."Mescalina Magazine

"The ability to transform refined electronic research into art and songs accessible to even the most pop audience."Rockit

"Gravity, the most courageous and structured song of those present, an excellent ending to a very valuable EP".ProgressivamenteBlog

"Evident mastery of atmospheric composition, taking the listener on the most intriguing of journeys."Earthlypleasures blog

"The words, always with a specific weight in her songs, are poems of considerable depth, displayed on the metallic surface of electronic sounds".Shoegaze Blog

"SAFE arouses our attention for its diversified structure, for being a crystal carved with different styles."Nikilzine

"Musically her songs straddle down the road of acts such as Massive Attack and Tricky".ColoRising

"A clear shape that refracts purified light with variations reflecting the character of her songs, sometimes more rarefied and transparent (SPACE), more pressing (SAFE), distally consonant (SOULS) or metaphysically baroque (GRAVITY)".Nikilzine

"Deeply intimate and confessionary. Always enveloping and hypnotic."She Makes Music UK

"The new Goldfrapp is Italian"Daily Mood

"In many ways SAFE reminded me of the latest Röyksopp record. The artist has decided to turn even more towards electronics, finding a personal way made of sounds cut down to the bone."Tremila Battute

"Great sense of emotion and sensuality, bit of a Jane Birkin vibe"Analogue Trash

"Transitions is her debut album, but it already sounds extraordinarily authoritative."SentireAscoltare

"An already very mature debut, with a notable international appeal."Buscadero

"With this new work, Gold Mass creates a work that is complete in its incompleteness, coherent both on a thematic and aesthetic level".Tremila Battute

"A celebration in music, words and silences of the essence, of the core of things, of the primordial mass of which we are all composed".Rock Nation

"Great! Reminded me of Bjork".Mind Chill 360

"A song that stretches upwards, and that closes at the top this intimate jewel branded Gold Mass."Rock Nation

"An artist at her absolute debut. However, even a single listening to Transitions is enough to grasp the talent and potential that harbor here."Buscadero

"By day she spends hours in a physics lab, by night she weaves her hypnotic electronic soundscapes on synthesisers."Phoenix magazine UK

"Transitions is a beginning, possibly of great things, but it is a goal of formal completeness and expressive intensity."SentireAscoltare

"Her writing is great!"Plastic Mag

"Intriguing work in its multifaceted intimacy: what might seem like a fulfilled dream, is actually the result of a commitment and dedication that have little to do with luck."Il Fatto Quotidiano

"As the listener you do feel like an unseen observer as she pours out what’s in her mind"Complete Music Update CMU

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