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“There is certainly more infinity in the shadow than in celestial space”   –    Abdelmajid Benjelloun

We keep within us a shadow, a wound, slight or important,
received in our age of unawareness and vulnerability.

We experience fear.

We grow up unaware, we lose our memory, but every gesture we make is the echo of childhood and of that first contact.
We express ourselves in accordance with the defense strategies that have proved to be most effective.

Only in rare moments, our shadow emerges into the light.

Without fear of judgment, surrounded by love.

In that moment,   it’s just light,   it’s just love.


Foto di Juri Gey Ronzoni, Estéban Puzzuoli, Giuseppe Flavio Pagano, Daniela Ferrari, Dafni Planta | WebDesign Ivan Ricotti