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Some things give joy and heal wounds like a balm. Your feet in the sand, touching velvet, sipping hot chocolate, diving in cold water, people who remember of you when you were a child. All these things are happiness in a way and give you relief like a glimpse of light in the dark. Happiness and melancholy are twisted together. We experience an harmonic oscillation between moods. Happiness is nothing but a truce.


Reality is a complex thing. As long as we try to describe it in a simple way, we won’t be able to get below the surface. Many different nuances are framed in one single feeling. Love can hide a profound egoism, as well as silence may hold millions of words. Any complex sound is the result of the coexistence of many sounds of different frequencies. Happiness is far from being a silly thing.


There’s a fascinating balance between passionate inspiration and the technique used to conceive a creative work. An amazing mix between letting yourself go and having every detail under control. Any work is the result of this union, beauty belongs to a multitude of facets. Happiness is an evanescent feeling, a fleeting moment. You may feel happy while waiting for something to be revealed. Happiness is a promise and a reward.

Directed by Luca Salvatori.

Foto di Juri Gey Ronzoni, Estéban Puzzuoli, Giuseppe Flavio Pagano, Daniela Ferrari, Dafni Planta | WebDesign Ivan Ricotti