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Female puberty is defined by periods and the possibility of unwanted pregnancy. When do we talk to girls about desire and pleasure?”  “Don’t Call Me Princess: Essays on Girls, Women, Sex, and Life” 2018, Peggy Orenstein.


Women are very tender with the male ego. They’re afraid of offending their partner’s pride because men like to think they know how to perform.“The Sexual Self” 1977, Avodah K. Offit.


I told her the clitoris is like a Bonsai tree that needs constant tending. She laughed and said I should be a poet. Then we went to bed and crossed the sheets as if it were a new continent we had just discovered.“Sophie’s Secret” 2012, Chloe Thurlow.


It is a curious dilemma to observe the paradox that on the one hand the female body is the primary metaphor for sexuality, its use saturates advertising, art and the mainstream erotic imaginary. Yet, the clitoris, the true female sexual organ, is virtually invisible”. Cliteracy 2013, Sophia Wallace.

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