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“The works of art are always the result of having been in danger, of being pushed into an experience, to the extreme limit beyond which no one can go.” Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

– S A F E –

unharmed, unhurt, sheltered, out of danger, saved, vindicated, alive, survivor, healed, shielded, rescue, protect, preserve, defend, secure, save, escape, out of harm’s way, in safety, redeemed, immune.

The meaning of words is immense. A single word can describe an entire world and suggest any other unspoken nuance. Words invoke associations. Imagination and experience complete the story. The dictionary of a language is among the most beautiful books we have. It collects the legacy of our culture and reveals its development in history. Giving the exact definition of a word with rigor and synthesis is something miraculous. The simplest words are the hardest to define. Seeing is believing.



s. f. [from 1=”the” 2=”Greek” 3=”κάϑαρσις” 4=””purification”,” 5=”der.” 6=”of” 7=”καϑαίρω” 8=”to purify” ].

– 1. In Greek religion, in Pythagorean and Platonic philosophy, it indicated both the magical rite of purification, intended to cleanse the contaminated body, and the liberation of the soul from the irrational. In particular, according to Aristotle, the purification of passions, induced in the spectators by the tragedy.

2. In the history of aesthetics, the liberating action of poetry that purifies of passions; in the aesthetics of B. Croce, the supreme moment of poetic intuition. With a broader value, in the literal language, the term is also used with the generic sense of purification, liberation from passions.

3. In psychoanalysis, a process of total or partial liberation from severe and persistent conflicts or from a state of anxiety, obtained through the complete re-enactment of the responsible events, which are relived, on a conscious level, both on a rational and emotional level. The Pythagoreans believed in the cathartic effectiveness of music, in its power of liberation from traumatic, conflictual and irrational experiences. The art that I’ve always loved and that I feel familiar, has always been the one that moves from a personal tension that needs to be expressed and resolved. Music has such an immense strength because its language is simple and therefore incredibly powerful.

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