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It has been said that there is a tree outside my window but I do not really see the tree. The real tree throws an image of itself into my consciousness and that’s what I perceive. If you stand by my side, the same tree manages to throw an image into your soul as well. I see my tree and you see yours and what the tree in itself is, we do not know. For this extravagance, Kant is responsible”.   “What Is Life? The Physical Aspect of the Living Cell” 1944, Erwin Schrödinger.

I can not always distinguish if what I believe I see, is truth or falsehood. That is: I see my lies for what they are, my truths; but I never know to what extent the lies of others are their truths”. “Evangelho segundo Jesus Cristo” 1991, José Saramago.

Our heart holds the secret of our ambition. We all wish ourselves the best for our future. But life is a game in the balance between reality and illusion. Never forget what really matters.

Directed by Luca Salvatori.

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